Valentino is waiting for you!

If you put Valentino in a room with 100 people, he could find the person who means the most to him in less than five minutes. Valentino is a dog who has gone through more pain, neglect, and just bad luck than anyone should ever have to go through. Coming to rescue was the first time he had ever been invited into a home. It was the first time he had ever been given a consistent meal. He was used to taking whatever scraps were literally tossed at him. That neglect almost killed him, and had he not come to Coastal the day he did, he likely may not have survived another day.

Yet, for all Valentino has been through, he has never given up on human kind. Every bit of attention, love, and care that was given to Valentino from the day he came to us was greeted with the deepest affection and gratitude, and for those who think that an adult German Shepherd cannot bond, Valentino is here to tell you they definitely can, and bond he does. Valentino has bonded with his volunteer friends, his fosters, but most of all, he would love to bond with a forever family of his own. He has been waiting and watching as others are rescued and go home as he is passed over yet again. The neglect he suffered in his past has left him with a stomach condition that requires him to eat a special dog food and take medication, but he doesn’t mind. He loves his food and will take his medicine with no problem. Maybe this is why he is passed over. Maybe people are afraid. Valentino doesn’t want you to be afraid. He will be right there by your side to guide you as you make the journey together.

Today, Valentino doesn’t have a foster. He spends his days in the kennel, watching and waiting. Still, he doesn’t let it get him down. If you greet him at his kennel front with a leash or a toy, he will let you know he isn’t one to dwell on the past. The moment is his and he wants to make everything of it that he can. He doesn’t know why he still hasn’t found a home, and neither do we. But he does want everyone to know that it is not pity that he needs. He is a very normal, young energetic German Shepherd who loves to play, who loves to live, and who just wants a hero of his very own. He promises to be your hero too. He doesn’t want anyone to think that he is weak, for he is strong, he is active. He can run like the wind, soar like a bird, wrestle with the best, and cuddle when it’s time to rest. A tap of your foot will be rewarded by a bark and a play bow, and off he goes. His favorite thing to do, play with his dog friends, especially Misty, another survivor in the rescue.

If you are looking for the most loyal dog in the world, the most beautiful German Shepherd, a best friend and a dog who is looking to be your hero, Valentino is looking for you. He is hoping that his family will come soon, for he has been waiting far too long.

If you are interested in adopting Valentino or learning more about him, please email Teresa at Don’t forget to fill out the adoption application.


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Please enjoy a few minutes as Valentino shares his slide show, created just for the special family he knows is out there waiting for him.