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FROM ROUGH TO RESCUED – Help Give Our Rescues a Chance to Go From a Rough Life to a Happy Rescued One!

Almost 9 years ago, I met a little puppy, at 11 weeks old she had been diagnosed with a condition called Mega Esophagus, one of the worst cases we had seen.  She needed surgery to remove a stricture from her esophagus to even be able to drink food the consistency of water without choking.  Without surgery, she didn’t have a chance.   When her plea went out, I learned just how many angels Coastal German Shepherd Rescue and Mercedes had.

Since then there have been many pleas that have gone out, and each time our hearts are overwhelmed with the response we get and we can never say thank you enough.   It is easy to say we give dogs a second chance at life.   It is not so easy to do it.  The reality is that for every plea we send out for help, there are five others that we are trying to find a way to make it work.  Our promise, when we give a dog a second chance at life, we want to make sure that life is one that is worth living.  We take on the burden of feeding them, providing shelter, and medical needs for however long it takes.   Each year our medical bills are over $100,000.  There is always a vet who will give us a diagnosis followed by “If she had a family, if he had an owner, if he were my dog…but it’s just a rescue.”   What that vet doesn’t understand is that, above all, we provide love.  For a short time in their lives, they become a part of Coastal’s family.   For many this is the first time that anyone has bothered to even bring them to a vet.  For others, their owner took them to the vet and then dumped them at the shelter or asked that they be euthanized when they found out how much it would cost to “fix” them.   For others, they become ill during their stay with their rescue family.

This June, our fundraiser benefits our “Angels’ Medical Fund”, which helps to heal broken hearts, mend broken bones, and provide medical care to the homeless while they wait for their chance at forever homes!

The stories of catastrophic injuries and illness could go on forever, but here are just a few who would never have had a chance had Coastal not stepped in.  Addison’s owner asked the vet to euthanize her because she had Mega Esophagus.  Beauty broke her leg and her owner couldn’t care for her.  Pax had nerve damage and had to have surgery.  Enya was rescued from the shelter and within a few days had to be hospitalized for a condition that was probably known by her owner when they dumped her at the shelter.  Gus joined us with a broken leg, broken pelvis, skull fracture.  He had been hit by a car and the shelter was unable to contact his family, a family who had adopted him at 8 weeks old and promised him forever. Linus began limping within just a few days of joining rescue.   X-rays revealed that he had a rod in his leg from a previous fracture.  The rod had become displaced and he needed surgery to remove it.   Stella Bella gave her puppies everything she had, all the while having pancreatic enzyme deficiency which the owner neglected to tell us about when they turned her in.

Tyko joined Coastal at 4 months old after his owner had asked the vet to euthanize him because they had no place for him to heal from the broken leg after they ran over him.  His leg was broken into more than 20 pieces.  Brock came to us with an ear infection that was so severe he had to be hospitalized.  Laika was dumped at the shelter by her owner after she had aged out of breeding.  Her foot was oozing from a ruptured cyst. Brooks could barely see until Coastal provided him with the surgery that he needed to repair his eyelids and clear the constant infection.  Natasha had to be hospitalized when she got an infection of the liver.  Walker was dumped in the shelter, an older dog with arthritis.

Sarge, chronic ear infections that now require surgery and have resulted in his being deaf in one ear.  Kayu needed a prosthesis to be able to walk comfortably.  Whitney had a kidney infection so severe that she had to be hospitalized.  Porter came to us underweight, covered in sores and scars.   One infected sore still contained the round that he had been shot with.  Roy Rogers was six months old when he joined Coastal.  Someone had watched as his body was slowly ravaged by demodex, a condition that would have been easily treated had he got vet care, watched as the fur fell off in clumps, as bleeding sores erupted on his body, as his feet began to swell and the skin began to turn black.  Instead of getting proper care,  he was dumped at the shelter to be euthanized.  His Coastal family has had the pleasure of seeing our little boy learn to trust people, watching him be loved for the first time as his foster mom has rearranged her life to give him the care that he needs.  We’ve had the joy of seeing him grow from a frightened puppy to a brave big boy, seeing the sores heal and the fur grow back.  Some day he will have another family that will love him and never let him down.  For now he is part of Coastal’s family.

Why do we care for Roy and all the others?  After all, they are “just a rescue”?  We care because they “are a rescue”.  They never asked to be abandoned by their families.  They never asked to be homeless.  They only wanted and continue to want one thing, someone to love them.  Until that forever someone comes along, Coastal will be there for them.  Just like Mercedes those many years ago, we need the help of angels to provide that care.  We have wonderful vets who give us discounts and allow us to make payments in many cases, but in the end we couldn’t pay for any of their care without your help.

All those years ago, Mercedes’ family didn’t just toss her away.  They realized that with her condition, no matter what they did, they would not be able to give her the lifelong care she needed.  They made the selfless decision to let her go, but they never forgot about her.  They showed their love for her by helping others, quietly giving whenever there was a need.  We have been blessed with many angels over the years and hope that you will join us in making Angels’ Medical Fund possible.

Our goal is to raise $40,000.  Yes, it is a big goal, but we have learned that with your help big things are possible. 

On June 8th, we will be gathering at Bushfire Kitchen, where a portion of every dinner will be donated to Coastal.  We know that we won’t able to reach our goal from the dinner alone.  We are asking you to join the team of Angels who make everything possible.  We are asking that you make a donation, however large or small.

We hope that on June 8th, as we gather together to celebrate life, we will be able to make the announcement that our goal has been reached and the Angels’ Medical Fund will no longer be a dream but a reality.  Please help.



Thursday, June 8th
Bushfire Kitchen
3433 Via Montebello, Carlsbad (between Petco & Vons)

Chicken, Baby Back Ribs or Vegetarian Entrée + Sides
Dessert and Drink


Amazing raffle prizes and live entertainment!


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