A second chance for our Valentino

     Valentine’s Day was the first day of the rest of Valentino’s life. He had been rescued from a very bad situation of neglect, one where food was not something he was accustomed to receiving on a regular basis, and attention was even less.
     Valentine’s Day, he joined Coastal, got a wonderful new name, joined the pack and seemed to be doing okay. What we didn’t know was that Valentino had been so hungry that he would have eaten anything, and during the last days before coming to rescue, he had done just that, some form of plastic packaging material. It was a ticking time bomb in his stomach, making its way through his system, and he had no way of letting us know.
     Saturday he began throwing up and you could tell by his demeanor, this wasn’t just a bug. He got to the vet and x-rays showed a blockage that would require a specialist and surgery. This is where Val’s journey became one of frustration and prayers. There was not a surgeon there who could actually do the surgery. A volunteer drove him to the next vet, same thing, no vet on staff who could do it. Next vet, they would be in sometime that evening, and then a call to a fourth hospital that evening, the surgeon would be in within the hour, get him there as soon as possible. Val traveled with his new friend to the next hospital where she waited by his side to make sure that he got the care he needed.
     Our furless leader got the call around midnight. Valentino had made it through the surgery. He had thrown up much of the material but was still at risk due to just the surgery and the amount of gas that was in still in his intestines. Val would be spending the next three days in the hospital being monitored.
     We got the call Sunday morning that he was not eating, and he needed to eat something. Volunteers made their chicken and traveled to the hospital to visit with him. He didn’t eat with zest, but he ate a little. Mostly he enjoyed the attention and the love he got from them. This morning, we received word that he is eating and doing very well. He will be going to his foster home tomorrow where he will be healing from his surgery.
     Valentino was almost home, almost had the life he deserved, when it was almost snatched from him so unfairly. He has been given a second chance again. He came into our care and we couldn’t let him suffer, we couldn’t just say let him go. We had to give him this chance, but it is one that comes at great expense, $5,200 for the surgery not including follow-ups, one that we do not regret for one moment, but one that we need help with. When we can, we always send out pleas before surgery is done. In Valentino’s case, time was of the essence. His life depended on it. Please help if you can. 

Pupdate: Hobie

     We are very happy to let everyone know that Hobie is back in his foster home. He is not out of the woods yet, but we wanted to give you a little update. 

     Hobie had been getting lots of attention and supportive care, including medications but was still unable to eat. Wednesday night, he sniffed a little jar of baby food and went to town. Didn’t stop there, downed the second jar and went on to eat a small can of dog food, and when that was gone and there was only cat treats left in the room, he gladly ate those too. His pain medication was finally allowing him to eat.
    The next night he went to a temporary foster home, ate rotisserie chicken, in small pieces, of course, baby food, met the resident obnoxious foster sibling and let her know that he was feeling better and wasn’t going to let her out bark him. He barked for the first time since he’s been in rescue. He had a good night’s sleep and went the next day for the next step in his diagnostics.
    As luck would have it, one of our angels read our plea for Hobie and recognized the symptoms that two of her German Shepherds had experienced before, called us and we were able to speak with his vet about it. We are waiting for the bloodwork to come back to confirm the diagnosis, but he is being treated while we wait. We are hoping that this is confirmed and he can begin healing. Please keep sending your thoughts and prayers his way. The test results will take a week.
    Meanwhile, Hobie would like to thank his entire team of angels, those who have donated and continue to donate for his ongoing care, the treatment team in the hospital who went beyond to show him that he was loved, his two foster families who share in his care, and a large store whose name will not be mentioned — they sell in bulk. Hobie wants you to know that if you need chicken, they have the best, most plump, juiciest rotisserie chicken around.

Help Hobie

Since January 1st, 7 dogs have joined the Rescue and 4 more are en route this weekend, 11 dogs saved. Most of those dogs are running around now, enjoying their walks, some already adopted, enjoying life.

One of those dogs, Hobie, is in the hospital. Soon after he came in, volunteers noticed he just looked sad, but also noticed that he didn’t want to eat and wouldn’t let anyone open his mouth. After seeing a vet, his x-rays showed a remodeling of the jawbone, as if something is eating away at it. This poor little guy hasn’t been eating because it was too painful to eat. He didn’t want anyone opening his mouth because it was too painful, and his sad look was indeed a look of pain. The muscles on the side of his face have atrophied, an indication he has been living with this painful condition for quite some time. We are waiting for the results of aspiration biopsies, hoping that they will show the cause, whether it be a fungal or other type of infection. Depending on those results, he may need an MRI and CT scan to help with the diagnostics.

He is on IV fluids and pain medication and is being given a liquid diet so that he can receive the nutrition he needs without causing him pain.

A little about Hobie, he is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. Even in pain, the one thing he will lift his head for is to nudge your hand when you stop petting him, letting you know that right now your touch is the only thing in his life that feels good.

Please help us give Hobie a chance at a healthy life. We have to find out the battle we are fighting so that we can help Hobie fight it.


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