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Miracles & Second Chances

2017 Holiday Matching Fund


2017 came in with a big punch in the gut to so many of us. A little puppy lost in the hills of Escondido since December 29th, rain as heavy and as cold as it had been in years. Volunteers spent every free moment they could find searching every inch of the hills, through scrub and mud. Strangers heard the word and went door to door searching, handing out flyers. After over a week of searching, crying, and praying for a lost soul in the woods alone in the wet and cold, we sadly had to face the reality that we would never see him again. Thirteen days later we received a call. Our little boy had been found. He was so tired he had given up and was lying underneath a bush behind someone’s home. He would have been muddy had he not lived through so much rain. He was hungry, thirsty and shivering from fear, bite wounds on his head and neck. He was more than 15 miles from his home. Sometimes prayers are answered. Sometimes we get a second chance, and sometimes we are blessed with a miracle.

     Sometimes that miracle comes at just the right time, just when you need it the most. After a very hard year, just when we were beginning to wonder how we would go on, thanks to some very generous supporters this year every dollar donated up to $32,000 will be matched in our 2017 Holiday Matching Fund. In a world where there is never the last dog who needs to be saved, only the next one who needs to be saved, where the pain never ends and sometimes you want to hang your head and give up, the Holiday Matching Fund will give a lot of tomorrows for dogs who are not even promised a chance for today, dogs like Enya.

     We didn’t know why Enya ended up in the shelter, but we knew we couldn’t leave her behind. She joined Coastal and quickly became a favorite. Little did we know that she had a condition that would almost take her life.  Within just days of joining Coastal’s family she had to be admitted to the hospital. The vets couldn’t find the answer, and time was running out. Her family of volunteers rushed to her side, visiting each and every day, making sure that she knew above all that she was loved. When money was running out, they reached into their own pockets to make sure that she got everything she needed. When anyone else would have thrown in the towel, Enya’s vet wanted to try just one more thing. Yes, miracles do happen, and sometimes we get a second chance. Enya was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus and put on medication. She walked out of the hospital a very happy dog.

     Enya went to a foster home where she thrived, but she didn’t have just one home. She had others who were on standby for their chance to take her home. Whenever someone needed to go out of town, they made sure that she didn’t have to go to the kennel. She was special. And one day, Enya was adopted. Her adopter had just lost her dog and was heartbroken. Enya filled the void, but one day she noticed that Enya was not happy, and she felt in her heart of hearts that for Enya there was already a home, and no matter how much she loved her Enya wanted to go back to that home.

     Enya went back to her foster where she blossomed into her happy self once more. She met new friends, was reacquainted with old friends, and everyone who met her felt something special. As one of her friends put it, he felt that people weren’t blessing her by petting her. It was an honor to meet and pet her and feel the love that she had to give.

     Sometimes in rescue, we need a reminder of why we do what we do, and that reminder, a reminder that no matter how many Holiday Matching Funds we have, the next year we will always need one more, a reminder that no matter how many dogs we rescue from the shelter today, tomorrow they will be replaced by a dog who’s owner got tired of it, didn’t realize what they were doing, had to move and couldn’t bring it with them, a reminder of why we need miracles to help us give second chances.

     Enya came to us with a job to do. She could lift the spirits of the most heavy-laden heart. She could make everyone feel like they were special.  Sadly, last week Enya was diagnosed with bone cancer. It progressed quickly and with a vengeance. On Tuesday, Enya’s sun rose. She got a lot of love from everyone. She closed her eyes, and her sun set one last time, with her family, the family who had rescued her and the one she wanted to go home to, to be with when she crossed over. Enya will not be forgotten by anyone who had the honor of ever touching her.

    Yes, we do sometimes need a reminder. Enya reminds us that the miracle of a second chance isn’t that it will last forever. The miracle is that it happens at all. As her family picks up the pieces of their hearts to carry on our mission, we ask you to help us keep Enya’s memory alive, help us help those like Enya who have no chance for a tomorrow without your help today. Please help us reach our goal of $32,000.

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