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Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of San Diego is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 certified non-profit organization (EIN 45-2899279) dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned German Shepherds throughout Southern California. Coastal exists solely because of your tax deductible donations. Want to help a dog or puppy in dire need? Before you visit any other shelter or rescue, follow these links to view the dogs available for adoption from CGSRSD.


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Come out and support Coastal K9 German Shepherd Rescue San Diego in the mission to care for and find loving permanent homes for dogs in need. This fun-filled event will be family friendly and dog friendly. Raise funds that will provide lifesaving care for homeless dogs and help them find forever homes.

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UPDATE June 18, 2014

As you can see Ziggy is recovering nicely from his elbow surgery. Ziggy is resting and being cared for by one of our dedicated foster families. Thanks to the generous people who donated for his surgery Ziggy will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. We will keep you updated!


UPDATE June 13, 2014

Great news! Ziggy is already on the road to recovery and we want to tell you all about it. Because he wanted to look his best, Ziggy had a spa session with the groomer at the veterinary clinic before his surgery on June 12. Four hours later, surgery was finished. He's in great spirits, doing well, and can't wait to go to his foster home on Saturday to begin recovery. He already has many fans on staff at the clinic who say he is such a sweet dog! Ziggy will be on crate rest for a couple of weeks. He'll be out for potty breaks (on a leash, of course) and once the sutures are removed, he'll begin limited activity such as leash walks. He is so happy that so many people wanted to help him. The next step? To find a forever home. He can't wait! Again, Ziggy wants to say thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of his heart!


UPDATE June 12, 2014

Ziggy wants everyone to know that even dogs face challenges in the world of health care! Why does he say that? Well, his surgery that was scheduled for Tuesday was delayed due to scheduling challenges in the surgical ward. Now he is waiting patiently because he's heard that it could happen on Thursday or Friday. He's resting up for his big day and promises to tell you all about it later. By the way, Ziggy sends lots of doggie kisses to everyone who donated to his medical fund. Guess what??? The goal has been reached and due to the generosity of everyone who read his story, $2,700 has been raised to pay his bills.



Thanks to all those who donated. Ziggy's fund raising goal has been met. Today Ziggy will have his surgery and will then recuperate in the comfort of a foster home.


Maybe you are a jogger or a runner.  Or maybe you love to play tennis.  If so, you've probably said once or twice that you intend to "play through the pain".  Of course, that takes most of the fun out of playing, right?  You could also hurt yourself more and not be able to play again.  Ziggy may not be a star athlete but he does love to play.  And play some more.  Unfortunately, Ziggy has been diagnosed with elbow dysplasia (which causes pain and can result in lameness) and needs surgery.  Although he was diagnosed shortly after joining our Rescue family, he's had to wait for surgery because we were treating demodex.  Demodex (a red itchy skin infection caused by tiny mites) is an indication of a compromised immune system and that's a big concern when doing surgery.  Ziggy was underweight as well and the veterinarian was concerned that there may have been some underlying illness that caused the compromised immune system.  Ziggy is healthy again.  No compromised immune system and no demodex!  Now that he's healthy, he's ready for surgery so he can run and play without pain.  After all, running and playing is what life is all about, right??  The estimate for surgery and recovery is $2,700.00 and we hope you can help.  Every donation, large or small, will help.  On behalf of Ziggy and all of our dogs, thank you, thank you, thank you! Click to read more about why we do what we do....


Remi*, Home At Last

When we talked about Remi during his stay with Rescue, one word kept coming to everyone's mind.  Energy!  There was no stopping this guy.  He loved to go for walks and for rides in the car but those are quiet activities when compared with what he really loved to do.  Agility activities were lots of fun whether they included jumping up and down off hay stacks in a play yard or playing in a dog agility room* filled with weave poles, tunnels, and obedience jumps.  And then there was sheep herding which became one of Remi's favorite things to do.  As with most high energy dogs, it is important that exercise activities challenge the dog physically and mentally.  Of course, Remi also enjoyed just hanging out with his humans.  After all, it's impossible to work or to play 24/7!  After months of waiting, a new chapter opened in Remi's life and he found his new home and his new family.  We want to tell you all about it!
Remi's new family consists of a mom, a dad, a 13 year old daughter, and a 10 year old son.  After recently losing their dog (their fourth GSD), they went to our web site. First drawn to Remi by his strikingly good looks, they read his description and knew they had to come to meet him in person.   The first thing Remi did when he met the family was to walk up to the dad (he's in law enforcement and has trained dogs before in scent work and other activities) and sat down in front of him.  It was time for a walk so the dad took the leash and walked Remi, giving him commands which Remi happily obeyed.  Then it was time for the mom to put him through his paces so off they went around the yard, taking him over the obstacles  He jumped hay bales for them, he chased balls for them, but his favorite thing to do that afternoon was to sit next to his new human dad.  All the dad could say was that Remi was such a beautiful dog who was a composite of all the traits of the GSD's who had been part of their family over the years.  Remi is now in his new home with his new family.  Check out the photo above!

* View Remi's video. Take a look at Remi working the agility course at Zoom Room, Encinitas.





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“Why We Do What We Do”

Since time began, the question “Why?” has always evoked the rhetorical answer, “Why not?” or the humorous or non-committal response “Because we can.” In the world of rescue, a world where there are more heartbreaks and heartaches for the volunteers than the days are long, the answer to this question is many and unique to each and every one.

Why would a person spend countless hours every day of the week visiting a kennel to make sure that every dog gets a walk and a little taste of love? Why would someone who is retired spend each day fielding phone calls on a rescue hotline, trying to help people who feel they have no choice but to give up their dog, taking on the heartache of the families and the frustration of being able to do nothing in many cases? Why would someone hold a dog that they’ve tried to save in their arms as they breathe their last breath, dry their eyes, and begin all over again? Why would we swallow our pride and beg for money, only to turn around and beg again? Because, in the world of rescue, rescuing never ends.  As we always say, we are not here only for the young, the beautiful, and the easy to adopt. We are here to rescue, and that brings with it all kinds of challenges.


In just the last two months, we have had Ziggy, a 12-month-old puppy who was diagnosed with malnutrition, demodex and elbow dysplasia. His road to being a healthy puppy is slow and one step at a time. Through Coastal he has been able to get the necessary nutrients and gain the weight he needs. He has received medical treatment for his demodex and is now awaiting surgery for his elbow dysplasia. Cost for Ziggy’s surgery, $2700.

Read the full story of "Why We Do What We Do"....featuring Ziggy, Belle, Cisco, Rica and Liberty


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